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Far too often, hopes and dreams are never realized because of fear and self-doubt  we, too, have struggled and continue to work past our own fears and self-doubt. is a space for us all to share those fears and self-doubts, and more importantly, how to overcome them.  Chat with us on the blog, and listen in on the podcast for our journey towards Living Out Loud, and we hope that you find the courage to do the same!


 Our Journey



Maya is a well-versed fashion and personal brand strategist, with philanthropic ambitions. Her love for timeless fashion and people stemmed from her fearless and charming grandmother, Daisy Louise, who dressed with ritzy flair. As a girl, Maya found herself mesmerized with the beauty and confidence birthed from fashionable attire. Upon discovering her enthusiasm and gift for polishing images through fashion, she decided to create a virtual platform to reach individuals outside of her circle who could benefit from her support and services.


Born into a family of educators, Matia has spent her life seeing the impact that a teacher, mentor, coach, or friend can have in a person’s life. Matia, like her parents, became an educator to make an impact in lives of young people in her community.

Matia began her education career as a high school reading teacher, and later as a tutor for all grade levels and Dropout Prevention Teacher.  


We are in this thing called life trying to figure things out just like you.  We are not experts and we do not have it figured all out.  We have decided to fail forward as we Live Out Loud and walk in our purpose.  Listen to our weekly podcast for insight into how you too can Live Out Loud!!

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