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The Maya & Matia Show is all about discovering self, evolving,

 and living unapologetically while conquering life's challenges.


Our mission is to inspire and motivate you to define your own

path and walk boldly into your purpose. 

We created this platform as an outlet to share our unique journeys;

because we believe that when we share our stories and vulnerabilities,

we empower others to do the same.

We're the certified gem dropping girlfriends that you love to visit.

Our candid conversations span from business, goal setting, black excellence

and personal development... as well as sex, family, marriage, finances and

pop culture.  We're 'bout our business but enjoy a good ole KiKi.  


Beware as we've earned a reputation for spreading copious amounts

 of Joy and enlightenment


Maya is a well-versed fashion and personal brand strategist, with philanthropic ambitions. Her love for timeless fashion and people stemmed from her fearless and charming grandmother, Daisy Louise, who dressed with ritzy flair. As a girl, Maya found herself mesmerized with the beauty and confidence birthed from fashionable attire. Upon discovering her enthusiasm and gift for polishing images through fashion, she decided to create a virtual platform to reach individuals outside of her circle who could benefit from her support and services.


Maya has developed her principles on a from “poverty to podium” philosophy. Being an tenacious woman from the mean streets of Norfolk, VA, she understands the struggle of being hungry, homeless and poor. However, her determined spirit bore a fieriness that has enabled her to strive and fight for her dreams. With this tenacity, she desires to reach those who are sometimes seen as unreachable, those like her who are determined to thrive beyond their circumstances.


As the founder of Style Delegate, Maya’s interest is to captivate and inspire her audience to walk in their purpose. She’s truly blessed by this opportunity and she doesn’t take it lightly. Her goal is to impact, inspire and improve as many as she can, with what she can. She is humbled at the opportunity to be able to capture an unlimited audience, as foreseen by her mother in her earlier years. Maya is a budding force in the blogging industry. She is a beautiful storm on the horizon to sweep across the regional, national and international planes.


Maya resides in Orlando, FL with her husband, their three beautiful children, and their puppy Blu, where all her inspirational magic happens.





Born into a family of educators, Matia has spent her life seeing the impact that a teacher, mentor, coach, or friend can have in a person’s life. Matia, like her parents, became an educator to make an impact in lives of young people in her community.  Matia began her education career as a high school reading teacher, and later as a tutor for all grade levels and Dropout Prevention Teacher.  


As a Dropout Prevention Teacher, Matia would go into a Correctional Facility in her hometown of Sanford, Fl to teach students who were facing adult criminal charges, but because they were minors, they were due educational services by the school district.  In this role, Matia realized just how vital motivation is. These students were often accustomed to people who did not expect their best.  Matia knew that she had to break that conditioning.  She encouraged them with stories of people who achieved great things despite their circumstances and ensured them that she would be there every step of the way to encourage them.  Many of these students had never had this kind of support.  As a result, these students were able to achieve passing scores in their classes, standardized tests, and even earn credits to push them closer to earning their high school diplomas or GEDs.


During her time at the Correctional Facility, Matia began working on a Master’s degree in Instructional Design & Technology from the University of Central Florida (UCF).  During her time in this program, she learned about other opportunities that existed for her skill set coupled with her degree.  After earning her degree, she began working in the acquisition and development of training products for the armed forces.  


Matia truly believes that her life and work should be centered around service and motivating people to do their best, so that they can be their best.  In addition to the UCF, Matia is a proud alumnus of Florida A&M University (FAMU) and Florida State University (FSU).


Of all her work and accomplishments, she is most proud to be a wife and mother to her 13-year old bonus daughter, Jada (who resides in Georgia); 9-year old son, James Jr., and 2-year old daughter, Jalynn.  She resides in Sanford, Fl with her beautiful family.

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