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Fear For What?

We're stepping out of 20-Great-Tings (2018) with a renewed mindset. We're moving with a new found understanding of “What’s free?” As the homie Meek said, “Free is when nobody else can tell us what to be....” but, what about what we’ve been telling ourselves? What about the limiting thoughts and doubt that we’ve been replaying over and over again in our own minds? What about the fear-based agreements that we’ve made with the girl in the mirror? You know, playing small, trying not to take up too much space, trying to fly under the radar in hope of escaping judgement from those who are closest to you? Questioning your every accomplishment (Imposter Syndrome) as if God’s blessings over your life were not intentional. As if those accomplishments, those God given blessings were by happenstance, AS IF *insert Cher Horowitz voice* your blessings didn’t stem from FAITH AND WORK. HARD. WORK.

Today we’re singing a new tune. We’re standing in our God given authority to be all that we are. We’ve made the choice to follow our God thought, and embrace the intricacies of our personal stories and lessons-learned. We’ve committed to Living Out Loud. Why? Because we believe that in sharing our story, we inspire others to hold their heads a little higher and to raise their voices a little louder. Living Out Loud is about reaching back to every hood and every borough and assembling my tribe, those who have been assigned to us. We aspire to be a beacon of hope and light for those questioning whether the dream (their dream) is possible for “people like them” people who have encountered more pain than pleasure, more struggle than ease, more hate than love, more turmoil than peace and more No’s than Yes’s. Let’s raise our glasses to all that we’re destined to be as we Milly Rock along our quest and vow to Live Out Loud together.

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