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You already know the type. Always in your story but never in the comments or like count.


It's hella obvi especially when they think they're working some super secret, undercover operative misson called "being all up and in your business", but, all the while you've already peeped game.


You just move in silence with full knowledge that they are high-key obsessed with you and your vibe.   It's crazy how it be 'cause afterwhile they try to BECOME you.  And you be wondering to yourself if other people peep it too, and they do... so they start sending you screenshots and texts telling you that they see it, and you just keep moving and marching to your own beat, as you let it play out cause you already know you're the blueprint. 


 Well, we aint doing that no more... Silent for what...this time we're putting them on notice. We SEE YOU BOO. This goes for the KULTURE VULTURES as well. Like come on, if Black women have inspired you, just say that! PERIOD. 

Inspired AF!

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